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Verismo / Caffitaly / CBTL

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Each bag includes 12 Espresso capsules
These pods are compatible with Verismo®, Caffitaly® and CBTL® machines.
Drink size: Espresso

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Espresso Blends:

DEJAVU: Enticing blend of 60% Arabicas from Brazil and 40% Washed Robustas from Africa for a creamy and strong espresso!

HARAMBEE: Perfect blend of 20% Arabicas from Brazil and 80% Washed Robustas from Africa, for an intense, full-bodied espresso!

COLOMBIA: 100% Arabicas from Colombia, this precious, high-quality coffee features strong and inimitable taste, with medium acidity and chocolate notes!

ETIOPIA: 100% Arabicas from Etiopia, this blend stands out from any other coffee thanks to an incredibly rich tasting coffee lush and peachy with dark tea notes and a hint of brown sugar or maybe toffee. It is also known as the King of Arabica blends for its full and resonant body. A delight that shouldn't be missed!

Flavored drinks

CHOCOLATE: delicious and creamy chocolate drink.

MOKACCINO: the Italian name for the café mocha drink, a delicious chocolate-flavored variant of Latte, made with powdered milk, sugar, cocoa and coffee.

CORTADO: an espresso "cut" with a small amount of steamed milk, a cute and smooth mini cappuccino!  BEST BEFORE JULY 2019

GINSENG: an espresso with the sweet touch of sugar, milk and the energy of ginseng powder! OUT OF STOCK

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Best before: On average 8+ months. If less it will be specified in the description tab

Espresso pods Ingredients: Roasted gorund coffee packaged in a modified atmosphere, in a single-serve capsule

Flavored drinks Ingredients: GINSENG: Sugar, skim powdered milk, instant coffee, lactose, aroma, powdered ginseng root -  Cappuccino: Whole powdered milk, skim powdered milk, instant coffee, low fat cocoa, salt - Cortado: half skim powdered milk, instant coffee - MOKACCINO: Whole powdered MILK, sugar, cocoa powder, instant coffee.

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Cortado (1 bag of 12 pods) Cortado (1 bag of 12 pods)
Mokaccino (1 bag of 12 pods) Mokaccino (1 bag of 12 pods)
Chocolate (1 bag of 12 pods) Chocolate (1 bag of 12 pods)
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