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Senseo compatible pads

Senseo compatible pads

Each bag includes 18 Espresso pads

These pods are compatible with Senseo® style coffee machines.

Drink size: Best for Demitasse size

CLASSICO: A rich coffee, with a creamy flavor. A rounded and full-bodied daily experience. Great also to make creamy cappuccino and lattes.  

CREMOSO: This coffee has a pleasurable flavor and intense body. It is an excellent choice for everyday coffee and it is adored by all coffee lovers.  

VIGOROSO: A coffee with a perfect balance between intense aroma and strong taste. One that is hard to forget!  

 GRAN BRASIL: 100% Arabicas from Brazil, for a delightful, well balanced and smooth espresso! OUT OF STOCK

DECAFFEINATED: A medium/strong blend with all the intensity of an Italian espresso but none of the caffeineOUT OF STOCK

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Best before: Usually at least 8+ months. If less it will be specified in the description tab

Ingredients: Roasted gorund coffee packaged in a modified atmosphere, in a single-serve capsule

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Available Options

Classico (1 bag of 18 pads) Classico (1 bag of 18 pads)
Cremoso (1 bag of 18 pads) Cremoso (1 bag of 18 pads)
Vigoroso (1 bag of 18 pads) Vigoroso (1 bag of 18 pads)

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